Full Guide On Online Mail Order Brides: Why And How To Find Brides

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Choosing the right dating site isn’t so easy. You can’t just choose any website from the Google search results page — that’s not how it works. Some sites are scam, the others have an awful reputation — so if there’s no research, there’s no result. And of course, you don’t want to lose money or some sensitive information. No one does, actually.

That’s where we come to help. Here, we’ll tell you all the reasons why the brides for marriage are actually worth it, and all the things you must know before you start using a dating site. Oh, and you’ll find the list of the safest, most popular, and most interesting sites that will 100% help you find mail order bride here!

Foreign mail order brides: the concept

What does this term mean? What’s the history of it? How do mail order brides work? Read more to find the answers!

Brides for marriage: short history lesson

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During the American expansion era, the majority of colonists were male. Of course, they wanted to create a family and to settle down — and thousands of women from the East (as well as women from Asia) wanted the same. Many women from the East and from Asia wanted to escape their lives in order to gain financial security (and in order to find a decent man) — the interesting thing is that modern mail brides often have the same reasons to join international dating services.

Is it possible to buy mail order bride?

Now, if you want to find thousands of such ladies, you only have to sign up on a dating site. However, human trafficking is illegal, so you can’t just “buy” a Women. Yes, you’ll most likely have to pay (because the absolute majority of good sites are not free), but you’ll have to pay for a premium subscription, “credits”, and for sending letters. All these things will increase your chances of finding a lady, but they won’t give you a 100% guarantee. You pay, you talk, you attract ladies — that’s how it works. Almost like any other dating website.

Mail order brides motivations: why do they want to relocate?

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You’ve definitely asked yourself this question: what’s the reason for a beautiful and educated lady to leave her country and to find a husband abroad? Is something wrong with her? Well, we have the answers here.

Socio-economic reasons

The first thing you must know is: no, everything is ok with them. It’s their countries that are not ok. Poverty, very low salaries, gender inequality — it’s logical that these ladies don’t want to waste time living in such places.

Better life, better men

This reason is linked to the first one — poor conservative countries have huge problems with domestic abuse. Why would a beautiful, exotic, and smart lady continue suffering from conservative men who often drink and abuse their wives? Of course, they choose better lives in better countries, with better men — thousands of Asian, Latin, and Eastern European women believe that the guys from the USA make much better fathers and husbands than men from their home countries.

Where to find brides?

There are 2 ways to find singles brides. You can travel to one of these countries and find a Women “on the ground”. It’s a great thing, actually — traveling without a clear plan of action is fun and interesting. However, it’s quite expensive, and the result is certainly not guaranteed — because you can’t be sure that you’ll find a Women there. Well, you will most likely find a lady — but it doesn’t mean that she’ll be ready to become your wife. One-night stands are fun, but are you really looking for them?

The other way is much easier, and, what’s more, much better. We’re talking about international dating sites — there are thousands of them, and some of them are certainly worth your attention. They are usually paid, so yes, you’ll have to spend money — but it’s still much cheaper than traveling to Asian/Eastern European/Latin countries without a plan.

What is the best country for mail order brides?

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There are lots of regions that offer beautiful foreign brides. Here’s a quick guide on them.


China, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines are probably the most popular mail order bride countries. The women from this region can be different — but they all are well-educated, hardworking, and they all look great.


It’s the Eastern Europe that offers mail brides, not Western Europe. It’s logical — such countries as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and to a lesser extent Poland have a long mail-bride history, and it doesn’t seem the situation is going to change. The ladies from these countries are fantastically beautiful, they are perfect homemakers, and they are very family-centered.

Latin America

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and others. The women from this region look really exotic, but that’s not all. They are romantic, fun, and interesting, and you will never feel bored with a Latin lady.

Are those foreign bride services worth it?

There are too many services, and it’s quite difficult to understand which ones are worth trying. However, there is another question, which is much more common, especially for beginners. This question is: are these services any good in general?

Services: pros and cons

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In short, they are really good, but they aren’t perfect. Thus, they are paid — the absolute majority of such services aren’t free, which means you’ll have to buy credits or premium subscription to talk to the ladies. Lots of these services don’t have a mobile app, which makes mobile dating quite inconvenient. However, the number of advantages is much higher.

These sites are quite cheap, they usually have thousands of ladies, and they often have an obligatory ID verification for their female members. But that’s not the main advantages of such services — their strongest side is that they are actually the only working way to find a bride from Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe. Yes, theoretically, traveling to one of these countries without a plan can work, but it’s much more expensive (and the chances are much lower, tbh). Tinder can work, too, but not if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. So, there’s simply no other choice!

Can you really trust the services from our list?

Yes, you can. We only choose the best of them — only the safest sites with real members and with a good reputation can be added to our lists. Our experts spend hours to test 1 website because they test everything — from the site interface and mobile version to its safety certificates and real reviews. So yes, you can trust us.

How do we evaluate international marriage websites?

There are two types of factors we pay attention to when it comes to evaluating the dating services: main and additional ones. Here they are.

Main factors

Safety and reputation — these two things are extremely important. If anything is wrong with safety, we can’t recommend the site. If the reputation is bad, we can’t do it, too. That’s how it works: if a dating service has problems with, say, a support service or mobile version of the site, it’s bad, but it’s not that bad. You can still use a site if its mobile version isn’t A+, but you definitely can’t use it if it has a bad reputation or if it has lots of scammers. That’s why we double-check all the safety certificates, find the real reviews, and do everything possible to make sure that the site we recommend will not steal your money.

Additional factors

All the other factors, such as the quality of the customer support, the mobile app, the pricing policy, and the number of profiles, fall into the “not-so-important” category. However, it doesn’t mean that you can find a site with a low number of members or a too expensive site here. We still double-check everything and add only the best dating services to our list — so you can literally choose any of them and find your perfect Women right after the registration. The majority of them offer free credits to the new customers, which means you won’t even have to spend anything — so stop wasting time and search for brides right now!

Mateo Franecki was born in Poland, but today he lives in the USA and writes about mail order brides, relationships, and communication. His special and modern approach makes his pieces extremely effective and desirable among readers of any age.